Back-slash on a danish mac keyboard in windows7 (bootcamp)

Apple, in their minimalistic world, optimized the back-slash ‘\’ away on their keyboards (along with delete and other ‘useless’ keys), so using their keyboords for anything else than writing blogs is a pain when you don’t know where the ‘other’ signs are hidden.

\  (backslash) = shift + alt + 7

| (pipe) = ctrl + alt + “´`” key

This is only for danish keyboards.

I guess this is one of those cases where apple’s designers have forgotten that functionality comes before design. Same thing with the ‘one-mouse-button’ blunder, last time I checked, humans still had 5 fingers on each hand.


Spark Line-drawing speed issues

I, after way too many hours of going through my code, finall found out why the linedrawing part of my latest flex 4 project ran really slow.

Spark (and probably all other versions of the linedrawing routine in Flash) runs really slow if the end points end up ‘inbetween’ pixels. Convert the start and end positions to int before drawing and you’ll see a massive speed increase.