Short about me. Working with video games for a few decades, Core Design, Scavenger, IO Interactive and Reto-Moto (www.reto.dk).

I usually design games and create 3d graphics environments but also very often end up doing all the odd-ends of game production.

My name is Jacob Andersen, a very common name in Denmark. Great when you are living abroad, because most people recognize that Andersen is a scandinavian surname.

First computer at age 14. Commodore 64 (actually a C128 but what the fuck was commodore thinking?!?). Actually my parents tried to pursuade me to get an Amstrad instead (apparently it was cheaper), but they did’nt succeed (Main reason was the easy access to pirated games). Got quickly very bored of waiting for the tape drive to ‘load’ games so I started doodling around with the embedded Basic. I was always puzzled that ‘real’ games ran so fast and that I could’nt list the program, as every other program written for the C64 could. Then one day as I was flipping through computer books at the local bookstore I found this gem. LDA – STA here we go! After a few years of getting involved in the C64 demo scene i jumped ship and blew all my savings on an Amiga 500.

I got alot of good friend in the Amiga Demoscene (was in groups like Kefrens, Flash Production, Anarchy and ended up in Lemon) and eventually ended up working at the game developer Core Design in England. A few of my demo-scene fellows (like Dan and Martin) worked at Core as well. I had just had a quite-boring ‘sabbath year’ after finishing school and  was going to go to an engineering school after the summer holidays. Søren had put together a small game demo with the graphics I did for a failed project with Murphy (Karsten which I later formed IO together with) and we decided to send it to a few game companies. This landed us a job at Core Design so no school for me 😉


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