[Image: Lollypop cover]

This game was released in 1994 for Amiga and PC.
My work includes only the loading images.

Loader Screns

I created all the loading images for this game. It was quite a fun game to work on. Great people worked on the game, Jørgen Ørberg R.I.P. amazing bitmap artist, Thomas Mogensen one of my favourite C64 composers and even JCH did some testing. I got in to this game when Ole Mogensen called me up to ask if I could help them out a bit, apparently Jøregen was stressed with the enomous amount of work he had to do on the background art. So I was asked to create the loading images that is seen before each level.

Lollypop drawing by Jørgen Ørberg

Lollypop drawing by Jørgen Ørberg

Jørgen sent me a sketch of the main character in a few situations and I created the rest from that over a few weeks of my summerholiday. It was not often you get the chance to just create pictures for a game, usually it’s tiles for backgrounds (with fixed palettes and few colors) or animations where you’d have to literally draw the same goddam-thing 10 times.. so I really enjoyed working on this. 🙂

Apparently the game had a rough time in the end. It was finished in 1993 but was released a lot later by german publisher Rainbow Arts. I had left to work at Core Design in England at that time.


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